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This preview was originally published by the Greenville Journal on March 12, 2019.

“It’s funny. It’s shocking. It’s chilling. It’s thrilling. It’ll be a roller coaster,” leading actor Rob Kahn says of the new thriller “Power of Sail.”

Written by Paul Grellong, co-executive producer of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O,” “Power of Sail” is making its world premiere at The Warehouse Theatre in Greenville.

Kahn plays the role of Harvard professor Charles Nichols, who stirs controversy upon inviting a young white nationalist to speak at an annual lecture series. After the list of speakers leaks to the student body and the public, chaos ensues.

“The students go into full protest,” Kahn says. His dean, former and current students, and others try changing Nichols’ mind.

A self-proclaimed free-speech absolutist, Nichols strongly believes all people should have the right to speak their mind, including hate speech.

“There are a lot of surprising discoveries and realizations that make you suddenly look at a character in a completely different way once you discover what they have done, or what they have fallen into,” Kahn says.

The play draws lines and aims to force people to evaluate their own stances on issues. “I love the fact that I don’t think you can see this play and not be affected,” he says.

“Power of sail” is a nautical term referring to motorboats yielding to sailboats that are dependent on the wind. “The more powerful boat must give way to the less powerful,” Kahn says.

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