Theatre Arts in Education



The Warehouse Theatre engages our region through

● in-school workshops and residencies

● masterclasses for professionals and practitioners

● partnership programs with local non-profits

● touring productions of Shakespeare’s classics

● community forums and audience talk-backs

We believe in an experiential style, arts-integration across various subjects, and community dialogue. The result is life-long learning for students, educators, administrators, audience members, theatre artists, and many others in our corner of the globe.

Each season, we reach over 10,000 students, young adults, and community members with our Education Programs.


Latest Education Annual Report

Why is theatre education important?


For Students

Involvement in the arts is linked to gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. A recent study found that students involved in drama performance coursework outscored their non-arts peers by 65 points in verbal and 34 points in math on the SAT. That same year, the HARRIS poll found that 93% of the public believes that arts are vital to a well-rounded education.

For Theatre Practitioners

Regardless of talent or skill level, every actor has a need to continually sharpen their chops, be reminded of fundamentals in technique, and explore new avenues in their process. As an actor’s process is refined and strengthened, his/her value to a production and the fluidity of work with a director increases, raising the level of theatrical experience for the audience member. The result - better performances for audiences to enjoy at theatres throughout the upstate.

For Businesses

Much like team sports, arts learning can improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork. Practical theatre techniques can be applied to settings outside the normal realm of theatre thus producing growth and learning in employees, volunteers, supervisors, and others whose main emphasis in business is not related to theatre or the arts.

For Non-Profits

Non-profits and other organizations can benefit from applied theatre practices in exploring issues of shared or individual concern, increasing discoveries and expression of perspectives, empowering decision-making skills, and generating confidence. Examples specific to The Warehouse include our partnerships with Bridges to a Brighter Future, LaFrance Elementary School, Greenville County Disabilities and Special Needs Board, New Impact at Greenville Health Systems, Sterling Torch Afterschool Program, and Gender Benders.

For more on the above, see these articles and studies: and AATE.