Applied Theatre: Empower, Explore, Express

Theatre can produce more than applause. It can change lives. The Warehouse Theatre Applied Theatre programs work with groups to:


issues of shared concern


their individual perspectives


them to make transformative choices, build coping skills, and develop support networks.

Our Partners

Bridges to a Brighter Future: WHT offers a drama elective as part of the Bridges Foundations summer program. We also work with Bridges students throughout the year at Saturday College, host workshops and tours at the theatre, and partner with Life Skills and Essay Prep classes to increase engagement.

Blue Tent: Serving foster care students ages 7-13, our programs promote teamwork, increase confidence, and develop creativity during Camp Opportunity Week. We also provide continuity throughout the year with Expressions Through Creativity programs.

HASCI Support Group with Thrive Upstate (Greenville County Disabilities and Special Needs Board): This unique program works with Head and Spinal Cord Injury patient to produce an original theatrical production. This year, we have been invited to present our work at a state-wide Life With Brain Injury conference in July!

LaFrance Elementary:

During this week-long program, teaching artists lead two workshops with every class in grades 3-6 on bullying prevention and making positive choices. Students participate in interactive discussion, guided improvisation, and role playing to develop their own definition of power, experience having power and losing power, then apply what they learn to decrease bullying behavior in their school.

Phillis Wheatley Community Center:

Working with the youth of the Phillis Wheatley summer program, we will spend 8 weeks focusing on theatre as an art form, personal narrative, and ensemble building, all while promoting positive, nonviolent communication and empathy skills.