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Connections Series

Connecting Mainstage to Main Street //

At The Warehouse Theatre we strive to bring the stories of Greenville to our main stage through a diverse range of contemporary plays and reimagined classics. We also believe that the work doesn’t stop at the doors of 37 Augusta St. Through our CONNECTIONS series, we aim to give our patrons opportunities to explore the intersections between the work on our stage and in the life of our community. Each season, through partnerships with local agencies and advocates, we curate a series of forums, talk-backs, service opportunities, artistic projects, and creative events that draw out these connections and give our community of artists and patrons the chance to connect the Main Stage to Main Street.

SeasonArt Series
Back by popular demand! Each year we feature visual art from local artists that reflects the themes of shows on the Main Stage. The curated works adorn the walls of our lobby during the runs of Main Stage productions. The featured artists are selected through a combination of invitations and open submissions. To see what’s currently hanging, check out the current show page. Contact Jay Briggs, Director of Education & Community Engagement for information on submitting your work.

Recommended Reading
New for 2022-2023! This year, each show in the season will be accompanied by a recommended reading list. We’ve partnered with local experts to curate a list of books from various genres that will help you dive deeper into the themes, social issues, or interpersonal dynamics represented on the Main Stage. Check back for information on the Connections Book Club, an opportunity to connect with other patrons who are reading along in conversations facilitated by subject matter experts.

Returning after a pandemic hiatus! Ever wondered about the nuts and bolts of a Warehouse Theatre production? Interested in what about the play most inspires the artists involved in making the play? Our post-show talk-back series returns to give you the opportunity to talk directly with the cast and creative team about how they bring a play from page to stage. These talk-backs take place immediately after the I Pay What I Can performance, the first Sunday matinee of every production’s run.

Below you’ll find a series of upcoming show-specific, events and projects. Check back throughout the season to find out what’s happening with each production.

Community Forum: Pipeline
Whether as an educator or a student, Black Americans face disproportionate obstacles within the education system. And, while Dominique Morisseau’s play, PIPELINE, sets the story in a large urban context, smaller, suburban cities like Greenville have similar problems. Join us for a community conversation featuring educators, administrators, and public school advocates as they discuss some of the challenges people of color face in our local schools and what’s being done to remedy those problems.

Connections Book Club: Pipeline
Drawn from our PIPELINE Recommended Reading List (LINK), local educator and historian Charnise Mangle will lead us in a discussion of Beverly Daniel Tatum’s book Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Charnise says of the book, “If you are wondering, ‘how did we (America) get to this point of racial tension today?”, especially as it pertains to relationships between African-Americans and White Americans, Beverly Tatum gives you concrete answers. She then connects the history to how it impacts students in the public
education system.”

Connections Forum:  Witch
Against All Odds: A WITCH Simulation Game
In Jen Silverman’s play, we see a cast of characters who are offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take their destiny into their own hands. In doing so, they are faced with the question: what will it cost them to get what they think they want? In this upcoming Connection Series event, we give you the chance to answer that question for yourself. On December 19th at 7 PM, we will take a group dive into a scenario similar to the one presented in WITCH during a unique event that’s part role-playing, part game, part community conversation, and full-on fun. Join Jay Briggs, Director of Education and Community Engagement and the director of WITCH, at The Warehouse Theatre as we explore themes of ambition, social stigmatization, and hope against all odds.  REGISTER HERE.