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The mission of the SeasonArt series is to offer an additional exhibition venue for local artists and to exhibit art that deepens patron engagement with the themes represented on stage.

The Season Art Series, which began in the 2015-2016 season as a collaborative project between The Warehouse Theatre and studio artists at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts, is now open to all Greenville artists.

To apply, please complete the SeasonArt Application Form.  The deadline to apply for the 2023-2024 season is July 31st, 2023.

Pamela G. Taylor

Acrylic / Oil

Pamela G. Taylor spends her time in Greer, South Carolina and Bluff City, Tennessee or traveling as much as she can with family and friends. She is Professor Emeritus in the School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University where her research on hypertextual assessment strategies in the arts gained her many publications, grant dollars and accolades. She earned her Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University. She began painting in earnest when she retired and devoted her time to caring for her late husband during his time in hospice. “Looking up” became a mantra for her during this difficult time as she studied and painted well over 100 cloud paintings. Loss continues to follow her just like all of us, and her painting has remained her and others’ solace and impetus for the crucial act of sharing through art and conversation. She likes to think of her sky inspired palette as a metaphor for taking the time to breathe deeply while honoring both life and death. Her goal is to provide a safe, encouraging, and respectful environment that listens and supports. She is active on a number of Facebook and other online sites that center upon grief, memorializing, and comfort. She has recently created a Facebook page entitled “Painting through Loss” and would so appreciate your joining, commenting, adding your own art and stories.

Terri Bright


Terri Bright (Greenville, SC) is a fine art photographer whose work focuses on non-traditional beauty. She photographs details, shadows, and misplaced objects that describe her relationship to things within and around her. The tension between the disorder of her surroundings and her internal desire for pictorial order and beauty is crucial to her working process. With a background in painting, Bright uses her camera to create images of quiet, contemplative spaces. Her photographs are like small meditations, granting permission to pause, and creating space for contemplation. Born in Pennsylvania, Bright lived and worked in New York and Japan prior to receiving her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin and moving to Greenville. Her work has been included in numerous national exhibitions, and in 2006, she received a full-year sabbatical grant from the Mellon Foundation. Her monograph (Sonnets, 2016) documents forgotten items and ordinary spaces that possess a kind of wilted beauty that alternately suggest playfulness, tranquility, melancholy, and desire. Bright currently teaches photography at Furman University where she holds the title of Professor of Art.

Savannah Ralph

Mixed Media / Acrylic / Oil

Savannah Ralph is a native to Greenville, SC and known for their illustrative and expressive figurative works. Ralph works in her own style—a mix of realism, surrealism, and illustration—and pushes the limits of traditional art using unexpected materials and surfaces. The media in which they prefer to work are acrylic and oil paint, charcoal, pencil, mixed media, and digital art. Ralph is drawn to capturing people and experiences using expressive brushstrokes and a colorful palette. The content of her work displays their passion for equality, social justice, and the human form. Ralph is inspired by their personal experiences and the experiences of others. They value representation and inclusivity, often depicting people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Ralph attended the Fine Arts Center and Greenville Technical College for visual arts, but remains mostly self-taught. In 2020, Ralph became a Brandon Fellow at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts where she works as a studio artist and an art instructor.

Elisa Golden

Watercolors / Digital Illustration

Elisa M. Golden, a New Jersey native, has made South Carolina her home for the last thirty years. Having studied art in the Northeast, she subsequently moved to Greenville to continue her education at Furman University, earning a Master’s in education. Resident dramaturg at the Warehouse Theatre for over a decade, she currently teaches courses as part of Furman’s Learning in Retirement program. As a studio artist, Elisa's art has been exhibited in a number of local galleries and juried shows---most notably, Artisphere. Primarily a watercolor artist, she works with digital illustration and pencil drawing. Although her style is generally considered to be realistic, she often incorporates a whimsical quality in her work.

Terrell Washington

Oils / Acrylics / Watercolors

Terrell Washington is an artist on the scene in the local community. Born and raised in Taylors and Greenville South Carolina, becoming a full-time artist has been a passion since he was four years old. Serving as a muse, his older sister inspired him because of her prior interest as a teen. With the use of oils, watercolors, acrylics, nail polish, colored pencils, and 3D materials, he creates a world all his own never seen to the public.

With nightmares and dreams, religion, or whatever catches Terrell’s attention, he takes those ideas and brings them into manifestation.

In the near future, he prays to have his work in galleries and museums across the country and internationally. He also hopes to be a designer, motivational speaker, gallery owner, writer, actor, and successful entrepreneur. There, he will continue to use his talents and voice to speak truth to every listening ear.

Rachel Rinker

Collage / Printmaking / Painting

Rachel Rinker (they/them) is a visual artist currently based in Worcester, MA, who works primarily in painting, drawing, collage and printmaking. Originally from South Carolina, their practice draws upon their connection to the vertical geography of the east coast and times of travel and leisure growing up in the South, looking back through a queer lens. Notions of inter connectedness, memory, accumulation, archive and entropy are often explored as they process their states of being over time. Periods of rest are paramount to balance energetic bursts of rythmic, painterly movements and the unfurling of visually stimulating abstract environments full of layered history and human connection. Rachel is an exhibiting artist member with Arts Worcester in Worcester, MA and Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA, and is represented by the Zea Mays Flat File 2023. Rachel was a recent artist in residence at Arteles Creative Center in Hameenkyro, Finland, as well as South Porch Artist Residency in Summerville, South Carolina, US. They have shown work regionally in New England and in South Carolina. Rachel obtained their BFA from Clemson University in 2016, and will be attending Arizona State University starting Fall of 2023 to pursue their MFA in art.
e-mail:[email protected]

Aimee Wise


AIMEE WISE [ah-mee] (she/her) was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC. She received her BFA in visual art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2008. Her work has been shown in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC; Asheville, NC; Boulder, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; and New York. She has spent time as a freelance art-handler, a butterfly ambassador, a preparator of bird specimens, and a volunteer for local wildlife rescue. She currently daylights as Collection Manager for the Johnson Collection in Spartanburg, and moonlights as an artist and maker in her own right. I am a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of art and science: specifically scientific research, emotional experience, and symbolism. I focus on natural elements, shapes, and behaviors to underline a relationship with the environment, how it fits within our realm of existence, and the ways in which we might understand and appreciate conserving it. Even abstract forms mimic certain natural shapes in ways that we might find relatable, or possibly even wonderous.
[email protected]

Faith Hudgens

Mixed Media / Paint

Faith Hudgens is a self-taught painter and mixed-media artist. Faith grew up in Greenville and has worked professionally as a highly regarded tattoo artist since establishing her practice in 2017. Her paintings are vibrant, emotional, and layered with spirituality. She has participated in exhibitions at Greenville Technical College and the Commerce Club. Faith is an uplifter in her community and volunteers regularly with Miracle Hill Ministries hosting art classes for young girls in foster care. Faith has also hosted PRIDE events with Upstate Pride SC and donates art to organizations that support women and LGBTQ+ community. Faith’s overarching goal is to cultivate positive change through her art and specifically, to use art as a platform to propel Greenville forward in unity, cultural diversity, and minority inclusion. Faith is currently spending her time as a Brandon Fellow at the Greenville Creative Arts Center, class of 2022-2023. | [email protected]