This review was originally published by Carolina Curtain Call on December 8, 2018.

While the Christmas season is said to bring out the child in us all, The Warehouse Theatre’s production of Christmas on the Rocks asks the pertinent question, what would happen if those same children from Christmas grew up? One dive bar and eight classic Christmas characters later, the answer is side splitting hilarity, excessive drinking, and some pretty heavy psychosis.

Set on Christmas Eve in a quainter more festive version of Cheers (set design by David Hartmann) Christmas on the Rocks is a series of vignettes. In each a famous “Christmas kid” bursts through the bar doors and thrusts their adult woes and growing pains into the ears of an almost too kind bartender (Ronn Carroll).

The shows eight holiday visitors are packed into seven scenes, each written by a different author, making for more of a Saturday Night Live feel to this sketch style show. And much like SNL it leads to some major hits and a few that don’t quite land their mark as written. But thanks to a quartet of four of the finest local actors here in the Upstate, more cloying moments are turned into side splitting gags that left our audience in stitches.

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