In honor of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday on Friday the 15th, The Warehouse is proud to present acclaimed local performer JDew’s show ONE VOICE: A BLACK HISTORY NARRATIVE for free to our patrons. Blending new, never before seen recreations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lewis speeches with three community interviews, this program captures the power, spirit, and message of these important citizens.

In JDew’s words: “The show was birthed from the idea that many African-American trials and triumphs could be better explained by the voices themselves, and not just the page or the political platform.”

The very first iteration of ONE VOICE premiered at The Warehouse and we’re happy to have him back.  The video will be available for free for a week, with donations graciously accepted for both The Warehouse and JDew.

Performance link will be released here and on our Facebook page on the 15th.