Photo by Wallace Krebs.  Clybourne Park, 2017.  


General Auditions for the 19-20 Season WERE March 22nd and 23rd and held at The Warehouse Theatre.  We do not audition in New York at this time.




The Warehouse Theatre operates as a Small Professional Theatre (SPT-Tier 3) employing both Equity and Non-Equity actors.

Upstate Shakespeare Festival Auditions

Upstate Shakespeare Festival auditions for the 2019 Season will be held on April 13th, 2019.  See more information on our Upstate Shakespeare Festival page.

If You Miss Season Auditions

You may submit a headshot and acting resume either by mail or in person at 37 Augusta Street, Greenville, S.C. 29601.


The Warehouse Theatre is holding season Equity auditions at the theatre’s location, 37 Augusta Street, Greenville, SC, 29601 on Friday, March 22nd from 11a – 6p, and on Saturday, March 23rd, from 10p – 6p with lunch break at 1p.

Actors are asked to prepare a 60 second monologue.  If singing, please prepare a 45 second monologue and a song. The song should be no longer than 16 bars.  Total time for the mono/song audition should not last longer than 90 seconds.  A rock and roll song is preferred for this audition. Please no Green Day.  An accompanist will be provided on both dates.

All roles are open unless indicated. Please email Jason D. Johnson at [email protected] to set up an appointment. Make sure you leave contact information, AEA status, if you are singing, and preferred time slots.  On the day of the Equity auditions, Equity actors without appointments shall be accommodated as time permits.

Performance weeks for each show are typically Thursday – Saturday at 8p and Sunday at 3p.  Occasionally there will be a Wednesday show at 8p.

Again, please no Green Day.

THE HEATH is being produced by Merrimack Repertory Theatre first and is transferring to The Warehouse Theatre in January, 2020.  All roles have already been cast in the original production and therefore will be excluded from the Season General Auditions.



Playwright: Arthur Miller

Director: Jayce Tromsness

1st Rehearsal: August 27, 2019

Run: September 20, 2019-October 13, 2019

CALLBACK DATE:  April 1st, 2019

Synopsis: When a group of young women are discovered dancing in the woods, witchcraft is immediately suspected. This grows in fervor and intensity when the girls start accusing others in town of also being in league with the devil. When a local farmer’s wife is accused by one of the girls, he is forced to deal with the relationship he had with her the summer before. A trial is held and the town is further ripped asunder with devastating results for almost all involved.

JOHN PROCTOR, MALE, 35+:  A strong independent farmer who stands by his principles. His affair with Abigail weighs heavily on him and causes him to be more attuned to the dangers engulfing the town.   He’s a good target for the witch hunt because of this factor.

ELIZABETH PROCTOR, FEMALE, 30+:  The wife of John Proctor, honest and principled to the core. Loves her husband despite his infidelity, this can come across as unfeeling or cold.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, FEMALE, 18+ (TO PLAY UNDER 18):  Impulsive, strong-willed, passionate, with a present sexuality and a fiery temper; she is ruthless in her pursuit of getting what she wants.

REVEREND JOHN HALE, MALE, 40+:  Expert on witchcraft, is brought to investigate the situation. A rational, observant man of the cloth, realizes the situation is spiraling out of control before others.

GILES COREY, MALE, 50+:  Not afraid to speak his mind, regardless of what the consequences are. A little loose around the edges, but his intentions are good.

REVEREND SAMUEL PARRIS, MALE, 20-40:  Minister of the church in Salem; a self-righteous, controlling widower with one daughter. When his daughter is seemingly possessed he is fearful that his power and status in the community will be affected.

BETTY PARRIS, FEMALE, 13+:  Youngest of the girls and Abigail’s adopted sister; fearful, nervous, easily intimidated.

TITUBA, FEMALE, 13+:  Reverend Parris’ slave, born in Barbados and brought to Salem; spiritual, wary, she has a background that is completely foreign to her community.

DEPUTY-GOVERNOR DANFORTH, MALE, 40+:  Presiding over the trials. Large sense of self in both his position and his authority. Strict interpreter of the law and not above using his stature to get the answers he wants.

JUDGE JOHN HAWTHORNE, MALE, 40+:  Second in command to Danforth. A very confident man who strongly believes in his own importance.

MERCY LEWIS, FEMALE, 13+:  Abigail’s second in command, she is clever and sly.

MARY WARREN, FEMALE,13+:  Timid, easily falls in line with Abigail, has enough of a conscience that she doesn’t sit easy with how the events transpire.

SUSANNA WALCOTT, FEMALE, 13+:  One of the girls who joins Abigail in crying witchcraft; nervous and worried.

THOMAS PUTNAM, MALE, 30+:  A shrewd, savvy, wealthy landowner in Salem.

ANNE PUTNAM, FEMALE, 30+:  Wife of Thomas Putnam; brittle, fretful, and anxious; she has lost seven children and is irrevocably changed by this, making her resentful of others.

REBECCA NURSE, FEMALE, 40+:  A kind, well-respected elder, she speaks her mind about the danger she sees in front of the community.

FRANCIS NURSE, MALE, 40+:  Husband of Rebecca Nurse, honest, straightforward, well-respected man of the community.

EZEKIEL CHEEVER, MALE, 30+:  Officer of the court; torn between duty and humanity when arresting members of his community.

GEORGE HERRICK, MALE, 30+:  Marshal of the court.

HOPKINS, MALE, 30+:  Prison guard.

SARAH GOOD, FEMALE, AGE 40+:  A homeless woman who is one of the first people accused.



Playwright: Larissa FastHorse

Director: Kerrie Seymour

1st Rehearsal: October 15, 2019

Run: November 8, 2019-November 24, 2019

CALLBACK DATE:  April 6, 2019

CADEN, MALE 40+:  The academic. Awkward elementary school history teacher with secret dramatic aspirations, but no experience. A stickler for facts, his inner obsessive researcher is at odds with his artist spirit, so he ends up being pretty obstinate as a collaborator. Geeks out about lesser-known historical details, especially gory ones. Lonely for female attention, he is aglow around Alicia’s extroverted femininity.

JAXTON, MALE 18+:  A yoga practitioner and street performer at the local farmer’s market. His side hustle is acting in school assemblies, and there’s a natural clown in him that helps him relate to kids. Politically correct to a fault, he is obsessed with making sure people recognize he’s more “woke” than white. He’s that confident guy everyone loves, but his logical PC thinking takes weird turns, and his sanctimoniousness does lead to mansplaining on occasion. Very proud to be a political mentor (and lover) to Logan.

LOGAN, FEMALE 18+:  The high school drama teacher that’s always pushing the envelope in potentially inappropriate ways. Earnest about theater and proving herself. She is deeply sensitive and wants everyone’s voice to be heard, but sometimes lets her anxiety and controlling nature get the best of her. Very aware of how important it is to be politically engaged, to shop locally, and to be racially sensitive, at this critical moment in history.

ALICIA, FEMALE 18+:  An L.A. actress without guile – or, potentially, even talent beyond the ability to cry on command. Has looks that would have been cast as ethnic in 1950’s movies, and her agent has arranged for her to have headshots as different ethnicities. Sexy and hot, but not bright, she doesn’t care about really anything beyond the opportunity to act. She has happily traded flirtations for acting jobs, and sees no problem with doing so. Though she is often confused, especially about Logan’s process of devising rather than handing out parts, she is always unshaken and happy in her bubble. Ability to carry a tune necessary.



Playwright: Lauren Gunderson

Director: Sean Daniels

1st Rehearsal: December 30, 2019

Run: January 10, 2020-January 26, 2020

Synopsis: The most popular playwright in America turns her prodigious storytelling skills on herself as she wrestles with how you make peace with a beloved relative who seems unlike you in every way. This beautiful, funny mediation on her grandfather’s life draws on everything from Shakespeare to Bluegrass in a soul-stirring story of redemption, love, madness, and the science of memory.




Text by John Cameron Mitchell

Music and lyrics by Stephen Trask

Director: Andrew Scoville

1st Rehearsal: February 4, 2020

Run: February 28, 2020-March 22, 2020

Synopsis: Hedwig is an “internationally ignored song stylist”, an East German rock’n’roll goddess who also happens to be the victim of a botched sex-change operation. This outrageous and unexpectedly hilarious story is dazzlingly performed by Hedwig in the form of a rock gig/stand-up comedy routine. Using songs and monologues, we get the torrid details of her life, her loves, and her career. It’s funny, touching, and ultimately inspiring to anyone who has felt life gave them an inch when they deserved a mile.

Singers should prepare 16 bars of a rock song. Please no Green Day.

HEDWIG(20-40s, ANY ETHNICITY AND SEX):  Born in Berlin and is the personification of the famed wall. Hedwig stands between East and West, Slavery and Freedom, Man and Woman, Top and Bottom. The living embodiment of swag and attitude. Owns any room she’s in, and if she doesn’t own it immediately, by the end of the evening will. The best stand up comic, singer, performer you’ve ever seen, except you’ve never seen Hedwig as she’s relegated to playing venues next to the important venues. She’s an internationally ignored song stylist, but it’s just a matter of time before she takes over the world. Equal parts Debby Boone and David Bowie. Or Iggy Pop and Toni Tenille.

YITZAK(20-40s, ANY ETHNICITY AND SEX):  A sullen male roadie who is Hedwig’s man Friday through Thursday. Killer voice, but plays second fiddle to Hedwig and she does everything she can to not let Yitzak take center stage.



Playwright: Kate Fodor

Director: Jay Briggs

1st Rehearsal: March 24, 2020

Run: April 17, 2020-May 3, 2020

CALLBACK DATE:  April 29, 2019

Synopsis: Theresa is estranged from her family and working as a cleaning woman when she is surprised by the desire to learn how to pray. Matthew, the priest whose rectory she cleans, is stunned and heartbroken by the realization that he no longer knows how to talk to God. When Matthew disappears one day, Theresa tracks him down, and her search changes both of their lives.

THERESA(LATE 20s TO LATE 30s, ANY ETHNICITY):  A cleaning woman who is trying to do right while stretched thin with work. Her daughter has entered a phase that is compounding her stress. Recently listened to one of Matthew’s homilies and now has some questions about faith.

MATTHEW(30-40s, WHITE):  A priest. Plaintive, thoughtful, was called to God through beauty, but now has questions about that calling.

ABBY(16, ANY ETHNICITY):  Theresa’s daughter. A whirlwind, both more mature and less mature than you would think for a girl her age. Searching, inquisitive, funny. Feels everything at once all the time, her mouth can’t keep up with her brain.

COLLEEN (50+, WHITE):  Matthew’s Irish mother. A woman who unconditionally loves his son and is incredibly proud of who she thinks he is. Does not take change well. A talker.

GARRETT(MALE, 16, ANY ETHNICITY):  Neighborhood grocery boy. A swirl of nervous energy, speaks his mind (almost to a fault), completely unsure of who he is and desperate to figure it out.



Playwright: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Director: Addie Gorlin

1st Rehearsal: May 5, 2020

Run: May 29, 2020-June 21, 2020

Synopsis: Every estranged member of the Lafayette clan has descended upon the crumbling Arkansas homestead to settle the accounts of the newly-dead patriarch. As his three adult children sort through a lifetime of hoarded mementos and junk, they collide over clutter, debt, and a contentious family history. But after a disturbing discovery surfaces among their father’s possessions, the reunion takes a turn for the explosive, unleashing a series of crackling surprises and confrontations.

ANTOINETTE “TONI” LAFAYETTE – LATE 40s/EARLY 50s, WHITE:  The oldest. Overwhelmed and frustrated by the process of closing the house up, also dealing with a divorce and her sons run ins with the law. Trying to hold it together and build a better relationship with her son, but quick to anger with her siblings.

RHYS THURSTON – HER SON, 18-22, WHITE:  Toni’s son, a complicated kid. Doesn’t have the best relationship with his mom, had some issues in high school dealing drugs, and overall tends to want to be by himself.

BEAUREGARDE “BO” LAFAYETTE – LATE 40s/EARLY 50s, WHITE:  Middle sibling, has a job in publishing in NYC, less excited to be back in Arkansas than everyone else as he got out as soon as he could and never looked back. Very smart and driven. Has been bankrolling the last few years of his father’s life.

RACHAEL KRAMER-LAFAYETTE – LATE 40s, WHITE:  Bo’s wife, she is Jewish, from New York. Isn’t necessarily comfortable in the south, also harbors some ill feelings towards Bo’s father due to how he treated her. Is taking the two kids on a trip back up north to explore their father’s heritage after the house sells since Bo has to return immediately.

CASSIDY “CASSIE” KRAMER-LAFAYETTE – EARLY TEENS, WHITE:  Bo and Rachel’s daughter. Inquisitive, that awkward age where she wants to be a part of the adults, but is not invited to sit at the table, so tries to make her own table and does so awkwardly. The kind of kid who asks questions even though she knows the answers.

AINSLEY KRAMER-LAFAYETTE – 8-11, MALE, WHITE:  Bo and Rachel’s son. A whole lot of energy and nowhere to put it.

FRANÇOIS “FRANZ/FRANK” LAFAYETTE – LATE 30s, WHITE:  A complicated past, Franz has come to apologize to his siblings and has brought along his fiance, River, for support. A tumultuous life up until now, he is proud to show off his new maturity.

RIVER RAYNER – EARLY 20s BUT LOOKS YOUNGER, WHITE:  Franz’s fiance. The daughter of two lawyers from the Portland area, she is a woke Reiki healer who uses kindness and compassion to win over people. Is smarter than she looks.

Reminders For Main Stage Season Auditions:

  • Please prepare a one (1) minute monologue.
  • If you wish to perform a monologue and a song, you have one (1) minute thirty (30) seconds to perform the monologue and 16 bars of a song.  Musical accompaniment will be provided.
  • Please make sure the beginning and ending of your selection are clearly marked on the sheet music.  Please make sure your music is in the correct key as our musician will not transpose music.  A rock song is preferred this season.  Please no Green Day.  Yes, you can accompany yourself on guitar, electric harmonica, washboard, heavy metal cello, or other instruments if you so desire.
  • Please do not exceed the above allotted audition times.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time to warm up and let the Audition Manager know you have arrived.
  • All actors should bring a minimum of four (4) copies of their headshot and resume.
  • Again, no Green Day.
  • Please note: Callbacks will not occur immediately after general auditions are complete.
  • All actors wishing to participate in our Season Auditions, please contact Jason D. Johnson via email at [email protected].  Please indicate EQUITY STATUS, IF SINGING, PHONE NUMBER, plus DAY and GENERAL TIME you wish to audition (and any questions).   Jason will reply with answers, further details and assign your time.