During the 2015-16 school year, The Warehouse Theatre partnered with over 48 schools in South Carolina and North Carolina, providing a wide array of workshops, masterclasses and residencies for students ranging in age from 3rd to 12th Grade.


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This Wooden O:  The Actor’s Approach to Shakespeare

For over a decade, This Wooden O has been our flagship arts-integration program. Using the actor’s approach to Shakespeare, Warehouse Theatre teaching artists work with elementary, middle, and high school students to bring Shakespeare’s words off the page and into action. Not only are these workshops fun and engaging for students and teachers like, they are designed to meet state standards for each grade and subject.

Shakespeare is the center of the curriculum for 3rd graders in the Gifted and Talented program. The Warehouse Theatre has designed a standard curriculum to introduce 3rd graders to Shakespeare’s characters, stories, and themes. In this 2 hour workshop, students explore different archetypes, analyze and interpret text, and make connections between these classic tales and their modern lives.


In most English Language Arts classes, students read Shakespeare’s plays, but there is so much more to studying Shakespeare! We give students a new way to encounter, appreciate, and understand these complex texts.

In a Wooden O workshop, students:

  •      get out of their desk and engage with the text
  •      speak the lines aloud with action and intention behind them,
  •      “physicalize” relationships, themes, and poetic structure
  •      connect characters and stories to their lives today

Teaching Artists customize curriculum to the specific play, characters, and themes that the particular class is studying, so each workshop is tailor made to fit individual student and classroom needs.

Examples of past curriculums have included: assigning blame and defending choices for characters in Romeo and Juliet; the trial of Iago from Othello; connotation, denotation, and playing with words in Macbeth; close-reading and physicalizing text in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; and exploring metaphor in Hamlet.    

Thanks to generous funding, we are able to offer subsidies for Title One and under-served schools. Contact Mallory Pellegrino ([email protected]) for details.

Regardless of the subject, our staff works with teachers to create a unique, curricular-tied experience for students customized to the individual needs of each classroom.  Contact Director of Education, Mallory Pellegrino to bring The Warehouse Theatre to your school, afterschool program, or home school organization. Or call 864-235-6948.

Educational Tour: Accessible Shakespeare Across the States

Shakespeare was meant to be seen and heard, but oftentimes, students’ only exposure to the Bard is in a classroom, reading his words and trying to decipher their meaning. Shakespeare seems like “Old English” and irrelevant to the 21st century teenagers, but his characters and themes have stood the test of time– and they have something to say! So why can’t Shakespeare be exciting?

The answer is: he can! At The Warehouse Theatre, we make Shakespeare hip with our 75 minute professional productions of his most loved classics. Our productions use original Shakespearean text, making it accessible and alive while not talking down to students. We treat them like the sophisticated and complex audiences they are, demanding the highest quality of theatre possible. Many times, students seeing these shows are seeing Shakespeare– or live theatre– for the very first time.

The Warehouse Theatre has been 1 of only 40 companies nationwide to be selected as part of the National Endowment of the Arts’ Shakespeare in American Communities program in partnership with Arts Midwest.

Our 2016 Touring Production is Twelfth Night. Please contact the venue to book your tickets!

The Warehouse Theatre (Greenville, SC) July 21 -23 and 28-30 at 8pm, July 24 and 31 at 3pm

The Gaillard Center (Charleston, SC) October 10 at 10:30am and 1pm

The Peace Center (Greenville, SC) October 17 and 18 at 9:45am and 12pm

Diana Wortham Theatre (Asheville, NC) October 20 at 9:30am and 12pm

The Brooks Center for the Performing Arts (Clemson, SC) October 25 at 9:30am and 7:00pm

Newberry Opera House (Newberry, SC) October 26 at 11am and 8pm

Sumter Opera House (Sumter, SC) October 28 at 10am and 7:30pm

You can view our study guide here. Additional in-school workshops to prepare students to see the show are available. For scheduling workshops or the tour, contact Mallory Pellegrino, Director of Education.

“This was a great experience for our community. To have students from twelve schools attend an accessible, modern Shakespeare production and love it was a thrill for all of us. All total, 1298 people were exposed to Shakespeare in one day, and I am confident they want to come back. The production was first-rate, students asked thoughtful questions, and teachers were ecstatic that their students had this opportunity.”
– Lillian Harder, Brooks Center Director, Clemson University, Clemson, SC