What happens when four “woke” teaching artists, careful not to offend anyone, scramble to create a Thanksgiving Pageant that somehow combines Turkey Day with Native American Heritage Month? THEY OFFEND EVERYONE! Good intentions collide with absurd assumptions in this wickedly funny satire. Over-the-top unapologetically funny, this show gleefully skewers contemporary society and the nature of theatre itself. Celebrate with The Warehouse and kick off your holiday season like never before!

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Jackie & John Warner

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The Thanksgiving Play Forum //

Wednesday, November 6 from 6:30-7:45pm

The Intolerant Left and the Dismissive Right: How Political Correctness Sucks

Nowadays, it seems like you cannot express an opinion without offending or enraging someone. When we worry about being politically correct, do we sacrifice saying what we mean?

The Thanksgiving Play Cast //

Kelly Strandemo

Warehouse Debut

Matt Reece

The Crucible, Christmas on the Rocks

Kyle Brumley

Educational Tour of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hannah Morris

Warehouse Debut

The Thanksgiving Play Creative //

David Hartmann


Katie Carrillo


Montana Kern


David Melton


Amanda Sox


Featured Lobby Artist //

Amber Eckersley