December 1st – December 17th

Sponsored by Think Up Consulting and Mike & Susan Riordan

Cakes sponsored by Saffron’s Catering

by Bekah Brunstetter

Directed by Kerrie Seymour

Jen lives in New York, but has always dreamed of having her wedding back home in North Carolina. With the big day quickly approaching, she journeys south to see Della, her late mother’s best friend and owner of the local bakery. She wants Della to make the wedding cake for her special day. Della is thrilled to create Jen’s cake until she realizes there isn’t just one bride involved in the wedding, but two. Asking why we believe what we believe, this new play delivers laughs, love, and truth with a lot of heart.

Featuring Mimi Wyche, Amanda Sox, Eliana Marianes, and Terry Wells.