FORUM SERIES: Populism, Yea! – Now More Than Ever

Scenic design by Donyale Werle at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’s Broadway premiere.

Wednesday, June 6th at 6:30 PM

Populism, Yea! – Now More than Ever

Andrew Jackson ascended to the nation’s highest office on a populist wave against the established elite. His rise to power and successful expansion of national territory serve as mythic ideals of the American dream for the disillusioned across generations. In 2006 when the creative team behind Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson set out to write a comic, rock musical about our nation’s 7th president, they were responding to a growing populist movement just beginning to foment in the country. They probably never dreamed that ten years later the sitting president would hang Jackson’s portrait in the Oval Office.

Join members of the original Broadway creative team, including our own Producing Artistic Director Mike Sablone and Director Andrew Scoville, for a conversation about the history of the show (featuring never before seen photos and demos of the songs) and its continued relevance, as well as how this production will differ from the Broadway run.

Moderator for the evening will be Jonathan Parker, Director of City Involvement at Fellowship Greenville.  As always, the Forum is free and open to all.