Josh Jeffers has done such a marvelous job in his first two comedies at The Warehouse, we’re afraid we’ll never be ready to see his serious side! Playing the funny, fashion-dictating Sam Greevy in our regional premiere of the sci-fi farce, Important Hats of the Twentieth Century, we are delighted to have Josh back with us for Round Two after he brought the laughs in Twelfth Night this past summer!

WHT:  Glad to have you back on stage, Mr. Jeffers.
Josh:  Glad to be back.

WHT:  For a script that is so fast-paced and covers so much “time,” where does your approach start for a show like Important Hats?
Josh:  For myself, the process began with simply making sense of the series of events, specifically with what occurs while my character is offstage. The challenge then comes with maintaining the momentum.

WHT: What struck you as most important in the first read (or additional reads) of the script with your role?
Josh:  There seemed to be a fairly significant reversal in my character’s perspective by the end of the play, so it became most important for me to pinpoint the specific moments that build upon one another to contribute to this reversal.

WHT:  What’s been your greatest challenge in bringing this show to life?
Josh:  Working on this show has been a marathon for everyone involved, so the greatest challenge is…and will continue to be…pulling it off every night.

WHT:   What strikes you as the most fun element about the show itself?
Josh:  When watching the show, my favorite part is seeing how members of the cast play so many different characters. I have it easy only playing one character, but witnessing how calm and collected the other actors are onstage compared to the chaos they confront backstage, is amazing!

WHT:  There are like a million characters in this show.  So if you were given the opportunity to swipe a character in this show from one of your fellow actors…which one would it be and why?
Josh:   I mean, who wouldn’t want to give Zombie Darryl a go?

WHT: Often actors find that certain scenes in shows are just flat out fun to play every night.  Is there a scene in this show that bubbles to the top for you?  That you simply look forward to playing every single night?
Josh:  The time travel sequence is definitely my favorite part for a few reasons. One, I get to share the stage with all the other actors at some point. Two, it’s very physical, which is always fun for me. And I’ve never had the opportunity to time travel on stage before, so that’s exciting.

WHT:  What’s it like working with a brand new draft of a script?
Josh:  It’s been great! Typically while working on a popular play, there are many other productions to reference. But for Important Hats, we’re somewhat on our own, which is challenging, but also freeing.

WHT:  Piece of advice for an audience member coming to see Important Hats?
Josh:  Be ready to have a good time!

Catch Josh Jeffers in fits of raging style in Important Hats of the Twentieth Century now through February 18th!