Kira Lynn Bowers: The Backstage Ninja

You are not going to see her. She wants it that way. Dressed in black. Ready to attack…the set, the props, the actors, the broom and mop…whatever needs to be handled. Our Kira Lynn is there and now she’s on your screen. Enjoy!

WHT:  You call Greenville home?
Kira Lynn:  Hometown girl! Born and raised 10 minutes from The Warehouse.

WHT:  How many shows have you worked on the main stage at The Warehouse?
Kira Lynn:  Aside from doing the photography for Angels in America and Strange Snow, this is my first show at the Warehouse as assistant stage manager!

WHT:  What’s your favorite part about being on the crew?
Kira Lynn:  Going from being an audience member and seeing a production as a finished product, it’s been extremely eye-opening to see firsthand how the process actually flows from start to finish. Also being the first show that I’ve worked on as assistant stage manager, I’ve had to process an unbelievable amount of information in such a short time, as well as carry out the tasks as a result. It’s very intimidating, especially with a show like Rocky Horror, but luckily, I seem to thrive working under pressure. I also get to use my extreme organization compulsion…thanks for that, Mom.

WHT:  Routine that you go through before a performance?
Kira Lynn:  Going with the extreme organization compulsion again, so far, I seem to have to check everything 10 times. Even if I just saw that I placed a prop, I just know it’s going to magically disappear, so I check it again 5 more times until we start.

WHT:  What is your favorite part about being in the arts in Greenville?
Kira Lynn:  Knowing that you have grown up and live in a town that is consistently growing is nice. It seems like there is and will be options everywhere.

WHT:  Do you have any jobs outside of working on shows?
Kira Lynn:  I am a photographer when I’m not doing anything else. It was actually photography that brought me to The Warehouse when I brought my crappy, bare portfolio into Paul Savas’ office…wanting to shoot some shows or really, anything at that point. A few months later, I was shooting Angels in America and then Strange Snow…and now actually working on one of my dream productions. So, I’m thankful for the chain of events that have led me here.

WHT:  How does working on such an in-your-face show in an intimate setting like The Warehouse affect your work? Does it at all?
Kira Lynn:  I think my favorite thing about The Warehouse is the fact that everything IS in your face. It gives you something to think about, to process, etc. I’d much rather be right there in the middle of the action than far away from the stage in a huge venue. It brings the audience into the show and allows them to feel as though they are a part of it. Which, with Rocky, the audience is VERY much a part of every aspect of the show. Running things from backstage, I won’t see the audience much at all, but it’s an adrenaline rush for me to know what is happening on stage and gives me the motivation to get everything RIGHT.

WHT:  How many times have you caught yourself singing Time Warp in the shower since mid-August?
Kira Lynn:  Can this even be limited to the shower? It’s EVERYWHERE! And not even just the Time Warp. It’s EVERYTHING. All the time. I catch myself singing phrases of different songs at the most inappropriate times. Such as belting out I Can Make You a Man right as Dad walks into the room when visiting parents. That’s awkward.

WHT:   How many times have you actually seen the movie version?
Kira Lynn:  Honestly, I saw The Warehouse’s production of Rocky before I saw the movie. I remember thinking how extremely weird, yet amazing it was. I was hooked at lingerie, basically. And Tim Curry, because…Tim Curry.

WHT:  Favorite thing about working on a show for the first time?
Kira Lynn:  Being my first show as well as first time working on Rocky, for me it’s fun just to break down the entire script and see how everything comes together. Working from the stage management side, I’ve gotten to see how my job fits into the puzzle, and there’s a lot going on during Rocky…so I’ve definitely gotten thrown right into the mix as a newbie.

WHT:  Favorite part about this rehearsal process or show’s progress?
Kira Lynn:  Meeting everyone on Day One to feeling as though I’m part of a family now. It’s extremely cool to see how everyone pulls together to create magic.

WHT: Moment in the show that has changed the most for you from the beginning of rehearsal until now?
Kira Lynn: Not a particular moment IN the show…but the moment I figured out I would be holding down the fort backstage…as a newbie…on Rocky Horror. That was a moment for sure. Exciting and extremely intimidating, but I love the challenge. And as scary as the idea was when I first found out, I’m finding that I’m actually adapting very well as the process continues.

WHT:  One thing you learned during this process or something you rediscovered?
Kira Lynn:  This process has been a full circle moment for me. Seven years ago, when Rocky first opened at The Warehouse, my mother took my sister, my aunt, and me, unbeknownst to us what exactly we would encounter once there. I had NO idea what was coming, and before I knew it, I had the “red V” marked on my forehead and was doing the Time Warp…absolutely hooked and in love with something I, only hours before, had no knowledge of. I really think I fell in love with theatre at that point…the thrill, the anticipation, all of it. So to be beginning my journey working in the theatre world with the production that originally captured my heart to begin with…it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

WHT:  Any piece of advice for a virgin audience member coming to see The Rocky Horror Show? Or a returning audience member?
Kira Lynn:  Virgins: not for the faint of heart. Or the conservative. Embrace your dirty mind. Returning audience members: Call backs. Enough said.

WHT:  This show is good ole rock and roll. What’s your favorite song in the show and why?
Kira Lynn:   How DO you choose one song from Rocky Horror? Is that even possible? Depending on my mood …I’ve been bursting out into a combination of Frankenstein’s Place and I Can Make You a Man lately. The harmonies make me happy. But you really can’t beat Science Fiction Double Feature. Ever.

WHT:  If Matt Reece couldn’t tear himself away from his auction addiction on Halloween night…who do you pick to fill his shoes as The Narrator?
Kira Lynn:  This is easy. He’s not alive. But Elvis. Hands down. Just picture Elvis doing the Time Warp. You’re welcome.

Kira Lynn Bowers will be ninja-ing back stage but you won’t see her in The Rocky Horror Show playing through Halloween midnight!