Kristen Kos – Slightly South of Broad:

When people think of quotes from A Streetcar Named Desire, one that’s surely on people’s lips is “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.”  When you hear those words come out of Kristen Kos, you’ll know two things…a wonderful night of theatre is coming to a close and Kristen Kos is an exceptional actress in an iconic role.  Joining us for the first time from Charleston, Kristen sat down and answered a few questions about her experience in Greenville and her thoughts on A Streetcar Named Desire.  That interview is below:

WHT:  Outside of acting, do you have any other current jobs?
Kristen:  Outside of working as an actor, I have the privilege to be an assistant producer of theatre in Charleston, SC at South of Broadway Theatre.  An intimate theatre experience with 90 seats supporting new and provocative works.  Also I find balance in life through yoga.  I teach in a couple of studios around Charleston.

WHT:  Kristen, what’s been your favorite thing about visiting Greenville?
Kristen:  Absolutely love visiting Greenville.  I love how walkable the city is, the live music, and have just experienced this beautiful extended autumn season here.  It’s wonderful.

WHT:  Did the iconic film version affect your research / performance / choices, etc.?  If so, how?
Kristen:  The film and other famous renderings of Blanche are awe-inspiring.  Vivien Leigh, Jessica Tandy, Uta Hagen, Ann-Margret, Cate Blanchett, Faye Dunaway, Jessica Lange, Natasha Richardson, Glenn Close and Gillian Anderson. These women all brought something different to Blanche in an effort to honor Williams’ words and story.  I think all of the actors in WHT realize this is a unique experience formed through our rehearsal process and each individual actor chosen to portray the characters.  Without Marlon Brando would Vivien Leigh have given the same performance?  Not likely and with Debra Capps, David Bean and Justin Walker (the creative team) the life of Kristen Kos’ Blanche is shaped.  The collaborative effort of theatre.

WHT:  What’s it like to present a non-Christmas show at Christmastime?
Kristen:  I love being a part of a non-traditional Christmas show, because let’s be frank, not everybody celebrates Christmas.  Plus people in general enjoy theatre not just for culture’s sake but for community.  Streetcar is a remarkable American Classic.  There is not a time it wouldn’t be a good production to mount.

WHT:  Any advice that you’d give an audience member coming to Streetcar?
Kristen:  Advice to Streetcar theatre goers:  Give yourself permission to feel something.  Laugh, be horrified, turned on, turned off, at times choked up.  Human beings have a symphony of emotions uniquely ours and it feels great to feel.  Plus Streetcar has it all, so my bet is most don’t leave indifferent.

WHT:  After Streetcar closes, what’s your next gig?
Kristen:  Up next a return to South of Broadway Theatre in assistant producer capacity for the World Premiere of It’s Time to Bring Back Charlie, followed by Mamet’s Oleanna.  So far next season I’ll be joining theatre company 34 West in Radio Hitchcock (Oct/Nov 2015).  Let me know if you visit Charleston!

See Kristen Kos as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire playing until January 10th!