Evan Harris: That Guy Who Was in that Thing Guy

It’s been awhile since you’ve seen him on our stage, but Evan Harris is back with us for the summer. Having appeared on our main stage a few seasons back in The Elephant Man, Evan is returning to work with some of his favorite directors, Jayce T. and Anne Kelly Tromsness on this summer’s special show: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged. Evan recently took the time to answer a few hearty questions about his work and process. Enjoy!

WHT:  Great to have you with us, Evan.  Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.
Evan:  My pleasure.

WHT: Let’s start with the easiest one. Any college theatre experience or degrees of note?
Evan: No on both counts.

WHT: And you are actually a local kid, right?
Evan: Yes, been in the Greer/Greenville area for 38 years.

WHT: How many shows does this make for you at The Warehouse?
Evan: Four total. Previous ones were The Elephant Man and then Twelfth Night and Psycho Beach Party with the Distracted Globe.

WHT: You have a favorite production with which you’ve physically worked?
Evan: Too many to name.

WHT: Favorite part of being an actor?
Evan: The people. The fun. The audience response. And the various scantily clad peoples.

WHT: Is there someone’s work that you greatly enjoy? Or sort of admire in acting? Any field?
Evan: Daniel Day Lewis.

WHT: Other than DDL, person you haven’t worked with yet (any capacity) that’s still on your wish list?
Evan: I’d love to work with that guy who was in that thing…or that one chick.

WHT: Is there a person that has influenced your acting process the most?
Evan: Everyone I’ve worked with has taught me something.

WHT: Is there a routine that you go through before a performance? Superstition or something?
Evan: Like to be ready as early as possible, but every show develops its own habits and I become pretty concrete in them. My only superstition is The Scottish Play superstition.

WHT: How many non-abridged Shakespeare’s do you have under your belt?
Evan: 11-ish.

WHT: Favorite thing about working on a script for the first time?
Evan: The excitement of a new experience.

WHT: What’s been your favorite part about this rehearsal process?
Evan: Discovery process. And coffee.

WHT: What’s one thing you learned during this process or something you rediscovered?
Evan: This script can actually be a useful tool for teaching technical Shakespeare.

WHT: Moment in the show that has changed the most for you from the beginning of rehearsal until now?
Evan: My boobs.

WHT: I think we are just going to leave that lying there.
Evan: I think we should.

WHT: How does performing in an intimate setting like The Warehouse affect your work?
Evan: It increases the likelihood I will accidentally sit on an audience member.

WHT: How did your research for the show affect your performance?
Evan: It allows the opportunity to address the text as accurately as possible (when it sticks to the text).

WHT: Did a previous screening or performance of Shakespeare Abridged influence you in any direction?
Evan: I have performed in the show before, but in a different role. So I had to make sure I wasn’t just copying another actor’s performance.

WHT: Piece of advice for audience member coming to see Abridged?
Evan: Don’t be a prude and you’d better participate!

WHT: What’s your favorite part about performing in Greenville?
Evan: Feeling like a large part of a great community. And a 10 minute commute home.

WHT: You got any other jobs outside of acting?
Evan: Improvisor, writer and podcaster at TheBeardedPodNetwork.com. Father. Oh yeah, and some day job thingy.

WHT: Next production is (stage, film, dance, etc.)?
Evan: Directing the Fringe Show at Centre Stage called The Night We Bombed Lincoln Towing.

See Evan as The Daniel Character (Romeo in particular) in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged playing through July 26th!