Desire for Days Gone By: Nostalgia and How It Affects Us

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 6:00pm


The most unforgettable Forum ever is arriving on December 2nd.  We’ve led our Forum series for years now with some unbelievably fantastic panelists and embraced topics from the controversial to the humorous to the intriguing to the life altering.  In taking our Main Stage to Main Street, we’ve provided an outlet for engaging conversation and hopefully sparked possibilities for real change in our city.  It is always an exciting time of bringing strangers and friends together to discover fresh viewpoints and enhance the greater Greenville community.

December 2nd takes all of that and sets it on its ear, much like our current show…Christmas on the Rocks…takes the classic Christmas films and turns those upside down.  Sparked by the family and childhood nostalgia that these movies draw from us, this Forum will explore how our memories, our senses, and our past drives our decision making during the holidays and throughout the rest of our lives.

Featuring the largest and most expert panel ever assembled for a WHT Forum, this is an adventure and a journey with your community that you will not want to miss.  As always, it is free and open to the public.  Whether you celebrate any holidays in December or not, join us for another exciting Forum on December 2nd.  Our journey begins in the upper lobby of The Warehouse Theatre at 6p.

Image courtesy of Suphakit73.