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General Auditions for the 17-18 Season have been MOVED to  April 22nd and 23rd of 2017.  We areNOT accepting SIGN-UPS at this time.  Please continue to check back on this page for our Season Audition Announcement.   We do not audition in New York at this time.

We will eventually list callback information below for the upcoming season.  Please be sure to check frequently so that you can plan accordingly or you can subscribe to this page for (RSS feed) updates.

The Warehouse Theatre operates as a Small Professional Theatre (SPT) employing both Equity and Non-Equity actors.

Upstate Shakespeare Festival Auditions

Upstate Shakespeare Festival auditions for the 2017 Season will be held on April 8th.  Callbacks will be the 9th and 10th.

For Main Stage Season Auditions:

2016-2017 Main Stage Season Announcement – ALL SHOWS BELOW HAVE BEEN CAST!

Current Season

Urinetown (The Musical) by Greg Kotis & Mark Hollmann : Sept 16th – Oct 8th, 2016

In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) by Sarah Ruhl : Dec 2nd – Dec 18th, 2016 (possible extension)

Important Hats of the Twentieth Century by Nick Jones : Jan 27th – Feb 19th, 2017

All My Sons by Arthur Miller : March 24th – April 15th, 2017

Spring Awakening  by Steven Sater, Duncan Sheik : May 19th – June 10th, 2017

If You Miss Season Auditions

You may submit a headshot and acting resume either by mail or in person at 37 Augusta Street, Greenville, S.C. 29601.

16/17 Season Breakdown is Listed Below for Auditions:


By: Greg Kotis & Mark Hollmann

Director: Nancy Halverson

1st Rehearsal: August 16th, 2016

Run: September 16th – October 8th, 2016

Show Description: Urinetown is a musical satire of the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, municipal politics and musical theatre itself! In a Gotham-like city, a terrible water shortage, caused by a 20-year drought, has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens must use public amenities, regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging admission for one of humanity’s most basic needs. Amid the people, a hero decides he’s had enough, and plans a revolution to lead them all to freedom!

Character Description:

OFFICER LOCKSTOCK: Male, 35-55 (Range: A2-A4) The tongue-in-cheek narrator of our story. He is a corrupt policeman who secretly kills off the guilty offenders. Bold, brash, and larger than life in many ways.

LITTLE SALLY: Female, 20s-40s (Range: A3-A5) A precocious and irreverent street urchin. She serves as a quasi-narrator who often questions Lockstock and the play’s logic.

BOBBY STRONG: Male, 20s-30s (Range: Tenor / A2-C5) Hero of the show. An earnest young man who is assistant-custodian at the poorest urinal in town. He is a leader of the poor and not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right. Falls in love with Hope Cladwell.

HOPE CLADWELL: Female, 20-30 (Range: Soprano / A3-A5) Cladwell’s ravishingly beautiful daughter. Torn between her father and her new love for Bobby. She begins as an innocent, naive angel, but becomes vengeful and determined after being exposed to her father’s evil.

CALDWELL B. CLADWELL: Male, 50-65 (Range: Baritone / A2 – G4)
President and owner of Urine Good Company. Greedy, manipulative and vicious villain of the show.

PENELOPE PENNYWISE: Female, 30s-40s (Range: A3-C6) The tough, jaded warden of the poorest, filthiest town urinal. She is Cladwell’s one-time lover and mother to Hope.

SENATOR FIPP: Male, 40-55 (Range: C#3-F4) Bumbling coward in Cladwell’s pocket.

MR. MCQUEEN: Male, 30s-40s (Range: B2-EF) Cladwell’s right hand man.

HOT BLADES HARRY: Male, 45-60 (Range: A2-F4) One of the poor. Violent, loose cannon.

LITTLE BECKY TWO-SHOES: Female, 20s-40s (Range: Bb3-F5) One of the poor. Foul-mouthed. Impulsive. Accusatory.

SOUPY SUE: Female, 25-40. (Range: Bb3-B4) One of the poor. Excitable and easily panicked.

TINY TOM: Male, 30s-50s (Range: D3-A3) One of the poor. Idiotic man-child.

ROBBY THE STOCKFISH: Male, 20s-40s. (Range: Open) One of the poor.

BILLY BAY BILL: Male, 20s-40s. (Range: Open) One of the poor.

JOSEPH ‘OLD MAN’ STRONG: Male, 50-65 (Range: Speaking Role) Bobby’s rebellious father. His refusal to pay the fee sends him to Urinetown, ultimately launching the revolution.

JOSEPHINE ‘OLD MA’ STRONG: Female, 55-65 (Range: Bb3-D5) Bobby’s good-hearted mother. A strong-willed woman with a bite, able to withstand the hard hand life has dealt her.

OFFICER BARREL: Male, 30s-50s (Range: G2-F4) Thuggish and aggressive policeman. Lockstock’s patrol partner.

CLADWELL’S SECRETARY: Female, 20s-30s (Range: Bb3-B4) One of Cladwell’s assistants. Straight-laced and efficient.

MRS. MILLENIUM: Female, any age (Range: Open) One of Cladwell’s assistants. Aspiring to be Cladwell’s secretary some day.

DR. BILLEAUX: Male, 30s-50s (Range: E3-A3) Head of R&D at UGC.


IN THE NEXT ROOM (or The Vibrator Play):

By: Sarah Ruhl

Director: Kerrie Seymour

1st Rehearsal: November 8th, 2016

Run: December 2nd – December 18th, 2016 (Possible extension)

Show Description: Set in the 1880s at the dawn of the age of electricity and based on the bizarre historical fact that doctors used vibrators to treat ‘hysterical’ women (and some men), the play centers on a doctor and his wife and how his new therapy affects their entire household.

Character Descriptions:

DR. GIVINGS: Male, 40s-60s  Specialist in gynecological and hysterical disorders.

CATHERINE GIVINGS: Female, 20s  Wife of Dr. Givings.

SABRINA DALDRY: Female, 30s  Patient of Dr. Givings.

ANNIE: Female, 30s  Dr. Givings’ midwife assistant.

LEO IRVING: Male, 20s-30s  Dr. Givings’ patient. Englishman.

ELIZABETH: Female, 30s  African-American serving as a wet nurse to the Givings family.

MR. DALDRY: Male, 40s-50s  Sabrina Daldry’s husband.



By: Nick Jones

Director: David Sims

1st Rehearsal: January 3rd, 2017

Run: January 27th – February 19th, 2017

Show Description: Sam Greevy is the hottest fashion designer in 1930’s New York. At least he is until rival Paul Roms starts releasing strange but popular pieces like “sweatshirts,” “tracksuits” and “skater pants.” When Greevy’s minions break into Roms’ shady operation, they make a startling discovery that could explain from where and more importantly “when” these wild styles are coming. Soon this rivalry turns into a battle for the very future of humankind, and more importantly, fashion!

Character Descriptions:

OFFICER KERN: Male, any age  Policeman who investigates the crime at Dr. Cromwell’s lab and leads the ongoing investigations.

T.B. DOYLE: Male, 30s  Newspaper reporter who is smitten with Sam Greevy.

SAM GREEVY: Male, 30s  Hottest fashion designer in 1930s New York. Rival of Paul Roms.

PAUL ROMS: Male, 20s-30s  Up and coming fashion designer who steals a time machine to augment his fashion designs.

JONATHAN / REPORTER 1 / JAY GOULD: Male, 20s  Teenage boy from 1998 who has his clothes stolen by Paul Roms. Plus fashion reporter Jay Gould.

DOCTOR CROMWELL / WINSTON DIRK / BROOKS: Male, 40s-50s  Overweight doctor who builds a time machine. Plus radio personality Winston Dirk and policeman, Brooks.

NURSE / BEV / MARGARET / SECRETARY: Female, 40s-50s  Mother of Jonathan. Plus Margaret, wife of Sam Greevy.

REPORTER 2 / STAN / JIMMY THE BUTTON MAN / MUTANT 2 / PEDESTRIAN 1: Male, any age  Jimmy, salesman of buttons to both Paul and Sam. Plus Stan the policeman who investigates clothing theft.

BILLY / DARRYL/ PEDESTRIAN / MAN IN UNDERSHIRT / MUTANT 1 / FIREMAN:  Male, 40s-50s  Jonathan’s father who gets transported in time and later turned into a mutant zombie. Plus Billy, the editor of the New York Tribune.



By: Arthur Miller

Director: Blake White

1st Rehearsal: February 28th, 2017

Run: March 24th – April 15th, 2017

Show Description: During World War II, Joe Keller and Steve Deever were two businessmen and friends whose company sent faulty airplane engine parts to the military resulting in the deaths of twenty-one pilots. Steve went to prison for the crime, while Joe lied about the incident, remained free, and built a successful business. Now years after the war, their families are left to uncover the truth and sort out the damage done to them and their hometown.

Character Description:

JOE KELLER: Male, 50s-60s Family man whose past misdeeds haunt the future of his family.

KATE KELLER: Female, 50s-60s Wife of Joe and mother of Chris and Larry, who cannot cope with the loss of Larry some years before.

CHRIS KELLER: Male, 30s A war hero who has returned home and finds his father’s success uncomfortable, but turns that discomfort into an idealism that is odd to his family.

ANN DEEVER: Female, 20s-30s Former girlfriend of Larry. Wants Chris to step forward and take Larry’s place in her life.

GEORGE DEEVER: Male, 30s Newly convinced of the innocence of his father, he wants to rescue his sister from the Keller family. Conflicted by his father’s faults and his perceived innocence.

JIM BAYLISS: Male, 40s-50s Neighborhood doctor who believes it is man’s duty to help one another.

SUE BAYLISS: Female, 40s-50s Put her husband through medical school and blames Chris for her husband’s interest the financially barren field of medical research.

FRANK LUBEY: Male, 30s Simple neighbor who has an interest in astrology.

LYDIA LUBEY: Female, 20s Former girlfriend of George Deever who married Frank while George was away at war.

BERT: Male, 6-10 Neighborhood boy who plays cop games with Joe Keller.



By: Steven Sater, Duncan Sheik

Director: Jenna Tamisiea

1st Rehearsal: April 18th, 2017

Run: May 19th – June 10th, 2017

Show Description: Inspired by Frank Wedekind’s controversial 1891 play about teenage sexuality and society’s efforts to control it, the piece seamlessly merges past and present, underscoring the timelessness of adolescent angst and the universality of human passion.

Character Description:

ADULT MAN: Male, 40s-50s (Range: D3-F4) (Plays multiple roles including Herr Sonnenstitch, Herr Neumann, Herr Steifel, Gabor, etc.)

ADULT WOMAN: Female, 40s-50s (Range: D3-A4) (Plays multiple roles including Fraulein Knuppeldick, Frau Bessell, Frau Gabor, etc.)

ANNA: Female 15-20s (Range E3-C5) Martha’s best friend, optimistic and naïve.

ERNST: Male, 15-20s (Range Ab2-A4) Schoolmate of Melchior’s, naïve and easily manipulated.

GEORG: Male, 15-20s (Range: Ab2 – D5) A clumsy schoolmate of Melchoir’s. He is overcome with his feelings for his piano teacher.

HANSCHEN: Male, 15-20s (Range: Ab2 – D) Narcissistic schoolmate of Melchior’s. He is comfortable with his own sexuality and uses his looks and intelligence to captivate Ernst.

ILSE: Female, 15-20s (Range: E3 – E5) Martha’s sister, who was also abused and has run away from home to live in an artists’ colony. She reaches out to her old friend Moritz in the last moments of his life.

MARTHA: Female, 15-20s (Range: E3 – E5) Schoolgirl who faces constant physical abuse from her father. She harbors a secret crush towards Moritz.

MELCHIOR: Male, 15-20s (Range: G2 – B4) Smart, headstrong boy who refuses to bow down to society’s rules. An atheist and radical student. Struggles with his intense feelings for Wendla and his awakening sexual urges.

MORITZ: Male, 15-20s (Range: C3 – A4) Melchior’s best friend, a troubled student. He desperately tries to please his father, but always seems to disappoint him. His haunting sexual dreams and academic failures eventually drive him to suicidal thoughts.

OTTO: Male, 15-20s (Range: Ab2 – D5) Classmate of Melchior’s. He struggles with feelings he considers inappropriate.

THEA: Female, 15-20s (Range: E3 – E5) Wendla’s best friend. A schoolgirl who tries to stay innocent and pure.

WENDLA: Female, 15-20s (Range: E3 – E5) Innocent. With every passing day, she grows more curious about the world around her and her changing body. Both vulnerable and a willing participant in her evolution. Explores her newly-found sexuality with Melchior.